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Just Don't Call Him 'Patsy'

We got this handy-dandy snowball maker a couple of Christmases ago for the kids; it works great. But Daniel has discovered an additional use for it. He runs around the house, scissoring the device open and shut in a syncopated rhythm. Guess what it sounds like.

That's right: two coconut shells being clapped together.

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I foresee a budding musical career!
This is my calling card or linkhttp://whittereronautism.com/" REL="nofollow">"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMaddy

It could have been carried by two swallows!
Daniel is looking very grown up these days; he seems to have gotten to 3 years overnight.
Oh, and I like your sofa...

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered Commenteranjmae

Hahaha. LOVE the Holy Grail reference.

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterCableGirl

I think I used to have your couch ...

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGravity's Daughter

Ah ha!! Get him into percussion instruments. It is amazing what kids will come up with when left on their own devices...

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSirdar

Emma's looking over my shoulder. I introduced her to his picture and she's now saying, "That's my new friend! That's my new friend Daniel!"

Ah...young love...

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKimberly

Here's what I want to know: How did Daniel get P to surrender that device in the first place?

December 7, 2007 | Unregistered Commenternudge, nudge, wink, wink

What fun. There must be times you are so proud, and other times you would like to rip the device right out of his hands and smash it with a big hammer. Glad mine are teens and only playing drums on the table.

December 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDawn

Hope you've learned the switch-out-sound technique, Luisa :-)

December 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnne Bradshaw

a snowball maker? how funny!

Good luck with the enternal sound of coconut clapping around you, though!

December 9, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGoofball

nothing like a little monty python to bring a smile to my face.

that grinning child helps, too.

December 9, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterpainted maypole

LOL! Well, the snowball maker function is pretty cool too...

December 9, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterCatherine

Does he have to follow sibs who are trotting?

December 9, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJen of A2eatwrite

Oh my gosh, he is so darling. And a budding Monty Python enthusiast, too! Sounds like my kind of kid. Maybe I'll move in next door to you so that he can teach my kids all his tricks. (And you can teach me all of YOURS...)

December 10, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBrillig

I kept coming back looking for another post--then realized I hadn't ever commented on this one. Nothing brilliant to say--but he's one cute little guy. (You already knew THAT, though.)

December 10, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAnnette Lyon

That is simply too cute.

December 10, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermeleah rebeccah

Oh, well, there is nothing quite so sweet and melodic as a child banging coconuts together and this way he can't possibly lose only one so you'll never be denied the joy of it all . . .until snowball maker meets Mr. hammer :-)

December 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJosi

I didn't even know there was such a thing as a snowball maker. How cool is that! I've gotta get me one, and one that can multi-task like yours.

December 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterCandace E. Salima

Kind of nixes the whole African vs. European debate, doesn't it.

Now I'm imagining Bevedere releasing scoop-laden swallows...

December 13, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRadioactive Jam

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