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The Young Performers

I don't have video yet, but I do have photos of Christian and James's recent stage appearances.  First is James as Banquo's son Fleance in Verdi's Macbeth, performed by the Taconic Opera company.  This was a very classy production: the sets and costumes were fantastic, and the chorus was at its best.  The soloists all were terrific, especially Lady Macbeth.  James nailed his 8-bar solo every time and makes just about the best-looking medieval page ever. 


The Haldane School's performances of Tim Kelly's "The Face on the Barroom Floor" were this weekend.  It was hard to believe that this was a high school production.  Charlotte Palmer-Lane, who has done costume design for many BBC productions and who did this past season's costumes for the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, was an absolute wizard.  All the kids looked splendid. 

The set was great, too: the perfect backdrop to a zany Western farce.  Martha Mechalakos's direction was superb, and her husband Jim playing a genius ad-lib piano soundtrack was a deft professional touch.  I was so proud of Christian (who played the romantic lead, Jack "Toulouse" Goodheart) and all his friends; they were hilarious. 

I'll throw in a bonus for you all: Patrick performed the ring ceremony for the daughter of some friends recently.  What a stunning, tasteful reception, and the photography, done by Sheena Jibson, is gorgeous.

 There you have them: my handsome, talented menfolk.  I'm a lucky gal indeed.


It's Like He's Reading My Mind

I've been reading Wondermark for quite some time, and artist David Malki never. Ever. Disappoints. Click here to see the above comic in its proper context.


Wordless Wednesday: The Sleeping Muse


May's Gift

Annette tagged me with a photo meme, asking what the sixth picture in my sixth folder was. Here it is: James and Tess holding newly-brought-home Baby Anne back in May.

It's amazing to me how much James and Tess look alike in this photo, which is something I hadn't really considered before. I usually group James, Hope, and Anne in the 'looking like me' camp and Tess, Christian, and Daniel in the 'looking like Patrick' camp. It's fascinating how kids can look like both their parents when the parents don't resemble one another at all.

Also, Anne is huge now, and a fuzzy blonde to boot; all that dark hair she came with is gone. Oy, those kids: they're so delicious. I'd better stop, before I start crooning "Sunrise, Sunset" and weeping into my tea.

Thanks for the tag, Annette! I tag in turn Jenna, Kim, and Charrette.


Wordless Wednesday: Luzern, 1998